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Assignment for English 1 – IM Telkom 2007/2008

Posted by dadangiskandar on June 23, 2008


Module One

Hint: Every English sentence must have a subject and a main verb.

Below is learning materials for your assignment. Please do it as well as possible, it will support your lesson concerning Sentence Structure.


  1. The prettiest girl in our class with long brown hair and brown eyes.

  2. In my opinion, too soon to make a decision.

  3. Do you know whether the movie that starts at seven?

  4. Sam almost always a lot of fun.

  5. The book that I lent you having a good bibliography.

  6. He wanted speak with Mr. Brown.

  7. We demand knowing our status.

  8. I intend the inform you that we cannot approve your application.

  9. They didn’t plan buying a car.

  10. The weather tends improving in May.

  11. She is considering not to go.

  12. We enjoyed talk with your friend.

  13. Hank completed the writing his thesis this summer.

  14. I miss to watch the news when I am traveling.

  15. She mentions stop at El Paso in her letter.

  16. She is likely knowing.

  17. Let’s go to the movie when you get through to study.

  18. We can’t help to wonder why she left.

  19. I have been looking forward to meet you.

  20. We wouldn’t mind to wait.

  21. They done it very well after they had practiced.

  22. Before she run the computer program, she had checked it out with her supervisor.

  23. We eat dinner in Albuquerque on our vacation last year.

  24. My nephew begun working for me about ten years ago.

  25. I know that you been forty on your last birthday.

This assignment will be discussed in the class – 23 June 2008

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