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quiz 1

Posted by dadangiskandar on June 25, 2008

Studying English needs to practice, so the keywords, read – read -read -read -read and practice – practice – practice – practice – practice. Before you do the exercises below, you need to read your lessons first. Study about noun, tenses, and others would help you fill in the blank. Good Luck!

Fill in the blank with  suitable word (words)

For example with a, an, the for number 1-30; 31-40 with another, other, the other, others, the others


  1. Jason’s father bought him _______________ bicycle that he had wanted for his birthday.
  2. ___________ Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from _______ France to _______ United States.
  3. Rita is studying __________ English and ________ math this semester.
  4. ___________ judge asked __________ witness to tell ____ truth.
  5. Please give me ——– cup of ———— coffee with ——– cream and ——— sugar,
  6. ——— big books on —————- table are for my history class.
  7. No one in ————- Spanish class knew ———— correct answer to ————– Mrs. Perez’s question.
  8. My ————— car is four years old, and it still runs well.
  9. When you go to ————— store, please buy ———– bottle of ………….. chocolate milk and —————– dozen oranges.
  10. There are only ———— few seats left for ————– tonight’s musical at ————— university.
  11. John and Marcy went to ———— school yesterday and then studied in ——– library before returning home.
  12. ———— Lake Erie is one of ——– five Great Lakes in ———— North America.
  13. On our trip to ———- Spain, we crossed ————- Atlantic Ocean.
  14. ———— Mount Rushmore is the site of ————- magnificent tribute to ————- four great American presidents.
  15. What did you eat for ——- breakfast this morning?
  16. Louie played ———— basketball and ————– baseball at ———– Boys’ Club this year.
  17. Rita plays —————– violin and her sister plays ———- guitar.
  18. While we were in —————- Alaska, we saw ————- Eskimo village.
  19. Phil can’t go to —————– movies tonight because he has to write ———— essay.
  20. David attended —————- Princeton University.
  21. Harry has been admitted to ————— School of Medicine at ————–midwestern university.
  22. Mel’s grandmother is in ————————- hospital, so we went to visit her ———– last night.
  23. ————political science class is taking ——– trip to —————– United Arab Emirates in ———— spring
  24. ———- Queen Elizabeth II is — monarch of —- Great Britain
  25. ———— declaration of Independence was drawn up in 1776.
  26. Scientists sent ————— expedition to ————– Mars during ———- 1996s.
  27. Last night there was ———- bird singing outside my house.
  28. ———— chair that you are sitting in is broken.
  29. ———— Civil War was fought in ———— United States between 1861 and 1865.
  30. ————- Florida State University is smaller than —————- University of Florida.
  31. This pen isn’t working. Please give me ——————————
  32. If you’re still thirsty, I’ll make —————– pot of coffee.
  33. This dictionary has a page missing. Please give me ——————————
  34. He does not need those books. He needs ——————– (all the remaining)
  35. There are thirty people in the room. Twenty are from Latin America and ————- are from ————— countries.
  36. Six people were in the store. Two were buying meat. ————- was looking at magazines. —————— were eating a candy bar. —————– were walking around for more food.
  37. This glass of milk is sour. ————— glass of milk is sour too.
  38. The army was practicing its drills. One group was doing artillery practice. ————– was marching; ————– was at attention; and ———— was practicing combat tactics.
  39. There are seven students from Japan. ———— are from Iran and ———- are from —————— places.
  40. We looked at four cars today. The first two were far too expensive, but ———— ones were reasonably priced.
  41. Something ——————— (smell) very good.
  42. We —————( eat) dinner at seven o’clock tonight.
  43. He ————– (practice) the piano every day.
  44. They ————— (drive) to school tomorrow.
  45. I ————- (believe) you.
  46. Maria —————– have) a cold.
  47. Jorge ————— (swim) right now.
  48. John ———- (hate) smoke.
  49. Jill always ———————- (get) up at 6:00 a.m.
  50. Jerry —————— (mow) the lawn now.
  51. Gene —————- (eat) dinner when his friend called.
  52. While Maria was cleaning the apartment, her husband ——— (sleep)
  53. At three o’clock this morning, Eleanor ————— (study).
  54. When Mark arrived, the Johnsons ————- have dinner, but they stopped in order to talk to him.
  55. John ————— (go) to France last year.
  56. When the teacher —————— (enter) the room, the students were talking.
  57. While Joan was writing the report, Henry —————- (look) for more information.
  58. We ————— (see) this movie last night.
  59. At one time, Mr. Roberts ————- (own) this building.
  60. Jose ——————- (write) a letter to his family when his pencil ———— (break).
  61. John ————- (write) his report last night.
  62. Bob ———– (see) this movie before.
  63. Jorge ————– (read) the newspaper already.
  64. Mr. Johnson ————— (work) in the same place for thirty-five years, and he is not planning to retire yet.
  65. We ————– (begin; negative) to study for the test yet.
  66. George —————– (go) to the store at ten o’clock this morning.
  67. Joan ————— (travel} around the world.
  68. Betty ————— (write) a letter last night.
  69. Guillermo ——————– (see; negative) this movie yet.
  70. We —————— (hear; negative) this movie yet.
  71. The policeman read the suspect his rights after he ……………… (arrest) him.
  72. After John …………………. (wash) his clothes, he began to study.
  73. George …………………. (wait) for one hour before the bus came.
  74. Maria ……………. (enter) the university after she had graduated from the community college.
  75. Jeannette ……….. (wash) the pipettes after she had completed the experiment.
  76. Jane sent a letter to her university after she …………………… (receive) her scholarship.
  77. After the stewardesses had served lunch to the passengers, they …………… (sit) down.
  78. The car ……………… (flip) ten times before it landed on its roof.
  79. We corrected our papers after we —————– (take) the quiz.
  80. John ……………….. (live) in Miami for one year when his parents came to visit.
  81. John, along with twenty friends, (is, are} planning a party.
  82. The picture of the soldiers (bring, brings) back many memory.
  83. The quality of these recording (is, are) not very good.
  84. If the duties of these officers (isn’t, aren’t) reduced, there will not be enough time to finish the project.
  85. The effects of cigarette smoking (have, has) been proven to be extremely harmful.
  86. The use of credit cards in place of cash (have, has) increased rapidly in recent years.
  87. Neither Bill nor Mary (is, are) going to the play tonight.
  88. Anything (is, are) better than going to another movie tonight.
  89. Skating (is, are) becoming more popular every day.
  90. A number of reporters (was, were) at the meeting last night.
  91. Everybody who (has, have) a fever must go home immediately.
  92. Your glasses (was, were) on the bureau last night.
  93. There (was, were) some people at he conference yesterday.
  94. The committee (has, have) already reached a decision.
  95. A pair of jeans (was, were) in the washing machine.
  96. Each student (has, have) answered the first three questions.
  97. Either John or his wife (make, makes) breakfast each morning.
  98. After she had perused the material, the secretary decided that everything (was, were) in order.
  99. The crowd at the basketball game (was, were) wild with excitement.
  100. A pack of wild dogs (has, have) frightened all the ducks away.

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