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answer key for organizing a paragraph

Posted by dadangiskandar on July 27, 2008

Part A Final Examinations for students of IM Telkom. Paragraph 1 dimulai dengan “The validity …..” kuncinya ada … questioned, maka kalimat seharusnya harus menyambung kalimat ke satu yaitu ada kata question diperkuat dengan also, yaitu b, “Many experts ….” disiniada also question dalam bentuk aktif, sedang yang pertama dalam bentuk passive. Selanjutnya a, untuk memperkuat I.Q. saja, kemudian c, melepaskan diri dari many experts yaitu educators, diganti sekarang dengan psychologists.

SP2 English 2

Paragraph 1

a. For one thing, Individual I.Q.* scores vary considerably.

b. Many experts also question whether I.Q. scores are related to intelligence.

c. Furthermore, most psychologists agree that intelligence test are biased* in favor of middle-class children.

d. The validity* of standardized intelligence test is being seriously questioned by educators and psychologists.

e. In fact, motivation* seems to be just as important as intelligence in determining a person’s ability to learn.

Jawaban yang benar adalah: d – b – a – c – e

Paragraph 2

a. For example, the words “stingy” and “frugal” both mean “careful with money.”

b. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing words because many so-called synonyms are not really synonymous at all.

c. Synonyms, words that have the same basic meaning, do not always have the same emotional meaning.

d. Similarly, a person wants to be slender but not skinny, and aggressive but not pushy.

e. However, to call a person stingy is an insult, while the word frugal has -a much more positive connotation.

Jawaban yang benar adalah: c – a – e – d – b

Paragraph 3

a. The process of automation is expected to increase production and improve our standard of living.

b. At its engine plant in Cleveland, rough cylinder blocks go through a series of 530 automatic operations and come out as finished products in just under fifteen minutes

c. The Ford Motor Company now uses some automatic controls.

d. Automation is a term which describes the use of machines to control other machines.

e. Certain kinds of automatic equipment have been used b the auto industry for many years to move materials to the assembly line.

Jawaban yang benar adalah d – a – e – c – b

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