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Posted by dadangiskandar on September 2, 2008

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This assignment for ADNI class A and B. When you meet me again in the class, prepare with the following lessons. The lesson is from lesson 1 to lesson 4, good luck.


Introducing and Describing Ourselves


1. Vocabulary

1. woman 7. divorced 13. wavy 19. green ________________

2. man 8. widowed 14. straight 20. glasses ________________

3. girl 9. hair 15. eyes 21. earrings ________________

4. boy 10. long 16. brown 22. moustache ________________

5. single 11. short 17. blue 23. beard ________________

6. married 12. curly 18. gray 24. side burns ________________


My name is ____________

I am a _____________

I am _______________

My hair is __________

My eyes are _________

I have ______________

Exercise 1.1

Put in “am”, “is”, or “are” where necessary

1. It ___________________ midnight now in London.

2. The room ________________ has 3 windows and 2 doors.

3. I _________________ get hungry easily. I must __________ eat 5 times a day.

4. The couples ________________ happy now that they _____________ have a new house to live in.

5. What _______________ in your bag? It ____________ looks too heavy for you.

6. Where do you _____________ live?

7. My name ______________ Annie. I ___________ live near here.

8. There ____________ six different languages in Great Britain and Ireland: English, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Manx, and Cornish.

9. Mum ______________ sick, she cannot _________________meet you now.

10. Hello, ____________________ this Anwar?

Exercise 1.2

A. Say whether these sentences are correct or wrong.

1. My professor nice and smiley.

2. It very compassionate of you to say so.

3. My intention clear.

4. I want a red car, a very red car! This not red.

5. Babies cute everywhere.

6. I here, you there.

7. We both dark and tall.

8. Charlie a nice guy.

9. Flowers fragrant and fragile.

10. I like trees. They strong.

11. Africa a big continent.

12. Mary Ann an active lady.

13. not in fifth grade.

14. My car blue.

15. They German.

16. My fiancé very compassionate.

17. There a big tower in London.

18. Half of the people in the world hungry.

19. Elephants wild animals.

20. Dentists clean people.

International Pen friends Club

The International Pen friends Club has members in all parts of the world-from Australia to Zambia, from Siberia to the Sahara

Do you want a friend in a different country? Do you want a friend with similar interest and hobbies? Yes? Then complete this form.

3. Look at Barbara’s application form. What do these words mean?

music sports schoolwork computers films art

4. Word list

Write these words in your word list.

Hobbies and interest_____________



Other word____________________

Pen friend



Application Form

Stick photograph

Section 1: Personal Details

Name : Barbara

Surname : Martin

Sex : Girl

Age : 12

Home town : Edinburgh

School : Camp Hin School ( class I B )

Address : Flat 14, Caslbarte I Botany Avenue Edinburgh, EH 4 IPV Scotland

Section 2 : Interest and hobbies

a. Are you interested in:

Yes, I am No, I’m not

Animals? _________ _________ Music? _________ _________

Books? _________ _________

Sports? _________ _________

Computers? _________ _________

Films? _________ _________

Art? _________ _________

b. Are you good at :

Yes, I am I’m OK No, I’m not

Sport? _________ _________ _________

Music? _________ _________ _________

Art? _________ _________ _________

Schoolwork? _________ _________ _________

Answer these questions about Barbara

Yes, she is. No, she isn’t. She’s OK.

1. Is Barbara interested in animals?

No, she isn’t

2. Is she interested in books?

3. Is she good at sports?

4. Is she good at music?

5. Is she good at schoolwork?


Are your answers correct?

6. Interview your friend.


A : Are you interested in … ?

B : Yes, I am / No, I’m not.

A : Are you good at …?

B : Yes, I am/ I’m OK./ No, I’m not.

Now write about your friends

Source (F C B, P14-16)

B. Describing Clothing, Color and Appearance

Write the correct name next to the each item of clothing.

shirt red


blouse white

t-shirt yellow

sweater pink

jacket gold

sweatshirt silver



skirt button collar

tie pocket

scarf zipper




For any word not illustrated above, translate their meaning into Bahasa Indonesia.

Write the correct word next to each illustration.


a pair of…












[ source : A(BI.p.8)

4.. With your partner, describe what you are wearing.

5. Drawing face is easy! You do it like this.

1. Draw a face. You can draw :

a round face a square face

2. Draw eyes. You can draw :

brown eyes blue eyes green eyes grey eyes

3. Draw a nose. You can draw :

a big nose a small nose

4. Draw a mouth. You can draw :

a big mouth a small mouth

5. Draw ears. You can draw :

big ears small ears

6. Draw hair. You can draw :

long, short, long, short, long, short, long, short,

brown brown fair fair red red black black

hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair









Adjectives before nouns

a round face

brown eyes

long, brown hair


My father is forty, but his hair is long and black

I have two sister. Their names are Elena and Susan.

have got







(not) got…





hort forms :

ve = have

haven’t = have not

s = has

hasn’t = has not

Peter’s got a round face, He’s got short, brown hair and brown eyes.

Ruth’s got a square face, she’s got long, black hair and small mouth

Yes / No question







got… ?





es, I/you/we/they have

No, I/you/we/they haven’t

Yes, he/she/it has

No, he/she/it hasn’t

Have you got a poster in your bedroom? Yes, I have

Has Susan got a calculator? No, she hasn’t

[ source : F C B, p.28) ]


Talking about Money and Numbers


Discuss these questions with your classmates or teacher.

What color are paper bills in the United States? Are they all the same color?

Are all the paper bills in the United States the same size? Is this a good idea?

What names for money do you know? In which countries are they used?

Reading : Money

When we think of money, we think of coins and paper bills. That is what money is today. But in the past people used many things in place of money. Some countries used cows. Other countries used salt, tobacco, tea or stones. Today there are still some places in the world that do not use paper money. One place is the island of Yap in the Pacific Ocean.

On the island of Yap, people use the heaviest in the world-Yap stones. This are round, white stone with a hole in the middle.

The Yap stones do not originate from the island. The Yap men have to go to island four hundred miles away to fetch them. Big stone can be twelve feet high-as big as two tall men. Small stones are as big as a dinner plate.

Rich people do not carry the Yap stones. Servants follow the rich. Each servant carries a stone on a pole over his shoulder. Today the people on the island used paper money for everyday shopping. But for other things they still prefer Yap stones.


Rewrite each sentence, replacing the underlined words with one of the words or phrases below.

paper bills coins island fetch

originate from servants tall pole

We usually use two kind of money. One kind is money made of metal.


The other kind is money made of paper.


The land with water all around it called Yap is in the Pacific Ocean.


The Yap stones do not come from this island.


The Yap men go 400 miles to go to and get them.


The big Yap stones are as big as two big men.


People work for the rich in their homes follow the rich.


Each servant carries a stone on a long stick.



A. Looking for the Main Ideas

Circle the letter of the best answer

People ______

always use paper money and coins

always used coins in the past

still do not use paper money all the time

On the island of Yap, people use _____

stones as money

two tall men as money

small stones

People on the island of Yap ______

use Yap stones for everyday shopping

still prefer Yan stones

carry the rich on their shoulders

B. Looking for Details

Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F if the sentence is false.

1. Yap stones have a hole in the middle. T F

2. Yap stones originate from the island of Yap. T F

3. Yap stones are all twelve feet high. T F

4. People use small stones for dinner plate. T F

5. Servants carry the Yap stone for the rich. T F

6. A servant carries a stone on a pole on his-shoulder T F

[ source : WIT.p.106-11 ]


0 zero 10 ten 21 twenty-one 40 forty

1 one 11 eleven 22 twenty-two 50 fifty

2 two 12 twelve 23 twenty-three 60 sixty

3 three 13 thirteen 24 twenty-four 70 seventy

4 four 14 fourteen 25 twenty-five 80 eighty

5 five 15 fifteen 26 twenty-six 90 ninety

6 six 16 sixteen 27 twenty-seven 100 one hundred

7 seven 17 seventeen 28 twenty-eight ______________

8 eight 18 eighteen 29 twenty-nine ______________

9 nine 19 nineteen 30 thirty ______________

4. Class Activity

Count the men and women in your class. Write the correct number and word for each question. Report your answers to the class.


1. How many are there? ___________ __________

2. How many have ? ___________ ________

3. How many are ? ___________ __________

4. How many have blue ?___________ __________

5. How many have ? __________ _________

6. How many have ? ___________ _________

7. How many have a ? ___________ ___________

TOTALS ___________ ____________

5. Group Activity

Work in groups of four.

Write the names of all the students in your group.

Write what you remember about each student.

Compare notes with your group.

Read your group’s list to the class.


Describing People

1. Read Christopher’s letter to his pen friend, Julia. What are the correct alternative: a, b or c?

Listen to Julia reading Christopher’s letter. Are your answers correct?

a. eleven

b. twelve

c. thirteen

a. Edinburgh


New York

Dear Julia,

My name’s Christopher Franks. I’m I’m from

a. Jerrabomberra School

Captain Cook Memorial School

Camp Hill School

I’m student at I’m in class 2A.

a. thirty-five



a. Adrian



My father’s name is He’s

a. thirty-four



a. Winnie



My mother’s name is She’s

a. Raquel, Carola and Narelle

Virginia, Diana and Patricia

Carola, Raquel and Sonia

a. two sisters

three sisters

two sisters and a brother

I’ve got Their names are


a. Computers

horse-riding and books

music and films

m interested in


a. Computers or films

animals or computers

sport, films or computers

ut I’m not interested in


a. art and schoolworks

music and art

music and sports

m good at In my bedroom,

a. two tennis rackets

an easel and lots of books

a poster of a kangaroo

a. a photograph of my horse

a television and a video

a computer

I’ve got I’ve also got

Please write soon. Best wishes,


Listen to Christopher reading Julia’s letter. Can you answer these questions?

What’s her surname?

How old is she?

Where’s she from?

What’s the name of her school?

What class is she in?

What’s her father’s name?

How old is she?

What’s her mother’s name?

How old is she?

How many brothers and sisters has she got?

What are their names?

What’s she interested in?

What isn’t she interested in?

What’s she good at?

What’s she got in her bedroom?


Wilma Rudolf


Wilma Rudolf was born in Clarksville,Tennessee,in 1940. There were twenty-two children in her family. Wilma was not a strong child. When she was very young, she got a disease called polio. Wilma’s leg began to have problems. Wilma’s family loved and helped her. Her mother and her sisters massaged her bad leg. The doctor put a brace on her leg for six years. One lucky day when she was twelve, the doctor took off the brace.

At high school Wilma started on run. Soon she won every race she ran. At age fifteen she prepared for the national races. She won all nine of the races. The next year, 1956, Wilma was in the Olympic games in Australia. Wilma came back with a bronze medal.

In 1960 Wilma went to the Olympic games in Italy. The weather was very hot just as it was in Tennessee. The Italians cheered her, Wilma won the 100 meter, 200 meter, and the 400 meter relay. Wilma Rudolf was the first American woman to win three Olympic gold medals.

In 1963 Wilma got her degree in education. That year she married her high school sweetheart, and have four children.



A. Looking for the Main Ideas

Circle the letter of the correct answer.

When she was young, Wilma had problems with her ____________




At high School Wilma _________________________

started to run and won every race

started to run with a brace

ran for Australia

In the Olympic games of 1960, Wilma _______________________

won a bronze medal

won three gold medal

won because she was a woman

B. Looking for Details

Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F if the sentence is false.

Wilma was a strong child. T F

Wilma had a brace on her leg for twelve years. T F

When she was fifteen, she ran for the national races. T F

In 1956 the Olympic games were in Italy. T F

Wilma won three gold medals in 1960. T F

Wilma got married in 1963. T F

(source: WIT, p.128

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