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lesson 5 & 6 for adni a dan b

Posted by dadangiskandar on September 8, 2008

Day 5 Likes and dislikes

1. Talking about Routines

– I like doing my home work

– I don’t like cleaning my room

– I just can’t stand cleaning toilet

2. Prefer and would rather

prefer to do and prefer doing

I don’t like cities. I prefer to live or I prefer living in the country.

I prefer to go to school rather than to go to the movie

Would prefer (to do)

‘Do you prefer tea or coffee?’ ‘Coffee’

‘Do you go by train?’ ‘well’ I’d prefer to go by car’

Would rather (do)

‘Would you rather have tea or coffee?’ ‘Coffee, please.’

I’m tired. I’d rather not to go out this evening.

‘Do you want to go out this evening?’ ‘I’d rather not.’

3. Ask your classmate what S/he likes and not like doing every day.

– Do you like having breakfast in the morning?

– Do you like reading a newspaper at home?

4. Vocabulary in use:

Like, dislike, never, always, usually, enjoy, love, washing, brushing, dusting, chatting, browsing, window shopping, walking, taking a bus, etc.

5. Language study

You can use ‘prefer to do’ or prefer doing’ to say what you prefer in general. ‘Prefer to do’ is more usual.

Note: I prefer (doing) something to (doing) something else.

But I prefer to do something rather than (do) something else.

‘would prefer to do’ to say what someone wants to say in a particular situation (not in general).

‘would rather do something than (do) something’.

‘would rather someone did something’ is used when you want someone else to do something, you can say I’d rather you did…/I’d rather he did. The meaning is present or future not past.

6. Exercise

A. Make sentences using I prefer something to something else or I prefer to do something than

1. (Bandung/Jakarta) I prefer Bandung______________________________________

2. (calling people/writing letters) I prefer____________________________________

3. (going to cinema/watching televisions) I prefer_____________________________

4. I prefer to phone_____________________________________________________

5. I prefer to go________________________________________________________

B. Make sentences using I’d pfrefer…rather than…or I’d rather…than…

1. (go for a swim/play tennis) I’d rather_____________________________________

2. (read a book/watch TV) I’d prefer_______________________________________

3. (eat at home/go to a restaurant) I’d rather__________________________________

4. (wait for a few minutes/leave now)_______________________________________

5. (study English/study Italian) ___________________________________________

C. Write your daily activities using likes and dislikes

D. Make a dialogue using prefer, rather than, would rather, would prefer

Day 6 Leisure Time

1. How do you relax in your free time?

-What do you do in your free time?

-Who has much free time?

-I sometimes water my garden.

– I pay badminton with my friends/neighbour/colleagues.

2. Telling about my favourite celebrities

-From Hollywood I like Johny depp because he is…

-From Indonesia I like Tukul besides he is funny he is so…

-Tell your favourite movie star from America/Indonesia…

3. Ask your classmates their leisure time and their favourite stars.

-What do usually do in your leisure time?

– When I have a leisure time I watch TV/movie/video….

-Who is your favourite celebrity? Why?

– I like his/her performances/acting, they are so great and…

4. Vocabulary in use

Like, love, fancy, charming, handsome, beautiful, elegant, talented, gifted, kind, friendly, funny, hulirious, brave, tempting, sexy, georgeous, watering garden, playing football, watching TV, window shopping, hanging out, camping, hunting, swimming, doing sports, etc.

5. Language study

Practice using Subjects+(V1+gerund)like/dislike/hate/mindlove/fancy/practise/risk/

enjoy/regret/stop/finish/avoid/imagine/delay/miss/can’t bear/stand+Ving.

Subjects+(V1+toinfinitive)+agree/decide/promise/plan/hope/manage/refuse/arrange/learn/offer/tend+to V1.

Describing someone personalities: S/he is so…, he has got a talent etc.

Cross culture understanding: Americans are known for their leisure –time activities, especially fixing up and building things in their surroundings. While in many countries, persons hire skilled labourers to perform such tasks as painting houses, reapiring furniture, and fixing leaking pipes. Americans often take on these tasks themselves in their free time. What often surprises people from other countries is that Americans engaged in these activities seem to be enjoying themselves.

6. Exercises

A. Complete these sentences using –ing or to infinitive

1. Do you mind___________(travel) such a long way to work every day?

2. Would you like_________(come) to my party?

3. John intends__________(buy) kolak pisang

4. I agrre_________(water) the garden.

5. She loves_________(eat) chocolates.

B. write your favourite celebrities in 50 words.

C. Tell the class your favourite celebrities.

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