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passive voice quiz

Posted by dadangiskandar on July 13, 2009


NAME: _____________________       NPM: ______________________



Change the active to the passive.


  1. Shakespeare wrote that play.
  2. Alex is preparing that report.
  3. The teacher is going to explain the lesson.
  4. Two horses were pulling the farmer’s wagon.
  5. By this time tomorrow, the president will have made the announcement.
  6. Alice didn’t make that pie. Did Mr. French make it?
  7. Mrs. Andrews hasn’t signed those papers yet. Has Mr. Andrew signed them yet?


Change the active to the passive.


  1. Bill will invite Ann to the party.
  2. Waitresses and waiters serve customers.
  3. Shirley has suggested a new idea.
  4. Kathy had returned the book to the library.
  5. I didn’t write that note. Jim wrote it.
  6. Does Prof. Jackson teach that course? I know that Prof. Adams doesn’t teach it.
  7. Is Mr. Brown painting your house?
  8. His tricks won’t fool me.


Change the active to passive if possible!


  1. A strange thing happened yesterday.
  2. My cat died.
  3. Dr. Ikeda developed that theory.
  4. The assistant manager interviewed me.
  5. It rained hard yesterday.
  6. Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago.


  1. The children seemed happy when they went to the zoo.
  2. The solution to my problem appeared to me in a dream.


Change the active to passive if possible!


  1. Jackie scored the winning goal.
  2. I agree with Dr. Ikeda’s theory.
  3. Timmy dropped the cup.
  4. The cup fell to the floor.
  5. A hurricane destroyed the small fishing village.
  6. A large vase stands in the corner of our front hallway.
  7. After class, one of the students always erases the chalkboard.


Change passive into Active.


  1. My sweater was made in England.
  2. Language skills are taught in every school in the country.
  3. The World Cup soccer games are being televised all over the world.
  4. The Washington Monument is visited by hundreds of people every day.


  1. Parchment, another writing material that was widely used in ancient times, was made from the skins of animals such as sheep and goats. After the hair had been removed, the skins were stretched and rubbed smooth.


Change passive into Active.


  1. The new highway will be completed sometime next month.
  2. Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony was performed at the concert last night.
  3. This composition was written by Ali. That one was written by Yoko.
  4. The chief writing material of ancient times was papyrus. It was used in Egypt, Greece, and other Mediterranean lands.
  5. Paper, the main writing material today, was invented by the Chinese. 



4 Responses to “passive voice quiz”

  1. Kartik said

    What is the correct answer for thisquiz

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    passive voice quiz « Dadang Iskandar…

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  4. lia said

    Change these sentences into the passive voice!
    1.Dr. Ikeda developed that theory ten years ago.
    2.Someone made this antique table in 1734.
    3.Someone stole my purse.
    4.Someone was making the coffee when I walked into the kitchen.
    5.Peter’s daughter drew this picture. Susan’s daughter drew that picture.
    5.Is Prof. Rivers teaching that course this semester?
    6.When did someone invent the radio?
    7.When is someone going to announce the result of the test?
    8.People grow corn in California.
    tolong di bantu ea kalimat aktif nya apa????

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