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reading for mbti and accounting

Posted by dadangiskandar on July 27, 2009






  1. 1.       Skim the reading passage to determine the main idea and the overall organization of ideas in the passage. You do not need to understand every detail in each passage to answer the questions correctly. It is therefore a waste of time to read the passage with intent of understanding every single detail before you try to answer the question
  2. 2.       Look ahead at the questions to determine what types of questions you must answer.   Each type of question is answered in a different way.
  3. 3.       Find the section of the passage that deals with each question.     The question-type tells you exactly where to look in the passage to find correct answers.
  • For main idea questions, look at the first line of each paragraph.
  • For directly and indirectly answered detail questions, choose a key word in the question, and skim for that key word (or a related idea) in order in the passage.
  • For vocabulary questions, the question will tell you where the word is located in the passage
    • For where questions, the answers are found anywhere in passage.
  1. 4.       Read the part of the passage that contains the answer carefully.    The answer will probably be in the same sentence (or one sentence before or after) the key word or idea
  2. 5.       Choose the best answer to each question from the four answer choices listed in your test book. You can choose the best answer according to what is given in the appropriate section of the passage, eliminate definitely wrong answers, and mark your best guess on the answer sheet


 The following chart outlines the key information that you should remember about main idea question.



  • What is the topic of the passage?
    • What is the subject of the passage?
    • What is the main idea of the passage?
    • What is the author’s main point in the passage?
    • With what is the author primarily concerned?
    • Which of the following would be the best title?
WHERE TO FINDTHE ANSWER The answer to this type of question can generally be determined by looking at the first sentence of each paragraph.
  1. Read the first line of each paragraph.
  2. Look for a common theme or idea in the first lines.
  3. Pass your eyes quickly over the rest of the passage to     check that you really have found the topic sentence(s).
  4. Eliminate any definitely wrong answers and choose the best answer from the remaining choices.


 PASSAGE ONE (Questions 1-2)

             Most of the ice on the Earth, close to 90 percent of it, is covering the surface of the continent Antarctica. It does not snow very much in Antarctica, but whatever snow does fall remains and grows deeper and deeper. In some areas of Antarctica, the ice has perhaps been around for as much as a million years and now is more than two miles deep.


1. The main idea of the passage is that(A)   the Earth is a cold planet(B)   most of the Earth’s ice is found in Antarctica(C)   it snows more in Antarctica than in any other place on Earth

(D)   Antarctica is only two miles wide but is 90 percent ice

  1. The best title for the passage is

(A)   Snowfall in Antarctica

(B)   The Icy Earth

(C)   The Cold, Cold Snow

(D)   The Causes of Antarctica’s Ice Pack



PASSAGE TWO (Questions 3-4)




       The extremely hot and humid weather that occurs in the United States in July and August is commonly called the “dogs days” of summer. This name comes from the star Sirius, which is known as the Dog Star. Sirius is the brightest visible star, and in the hot summer months it rises in the east at approximately the same time as the Sun. As ancient people   saw this star rising with the Sun when the weather was at its hottest, they believed that Sirius was the cause of the additional heat; they believed that this bright star added its heat to the heat of the Sun, and these two together made summer weather so unbearably hot.  


3.       The topic of this passage is(A) how dogs like to play during the summer(B) the causes of hot and humid weather(C) why the hot summer days are known as the “dogs days”

(D) the days that dogs prefer

4. The main idea of this passage is that(A) the name for the summer days came from Sirius, the Dog   Star(B) dogs generally prefer hot summer days(C) the hottest days occur in the summer because of the movements of the Sun and stars

(D) Sirius rises at almost the same time as the Sun during the summer months

 PASSAGE THREE (Questions 5-6)









       The term “primitive art” has been used in a variety of ways to describe works and     styles of art. One way that this term has been used is to describe the early period within      the development of a certain style of art. Another way that this term has been used is to describe artists who have received little professional training and who demonstrate a nontraditional naiveté in their work.       A wonderful example of this second type of primitive artist is Grandma Moses, who    spent all her life living on a farm and working at tasks normally associated with farm life.She did not begin painting until she reached the age of seventy-six, when she switched to painting from embroidery because the arthritis in her hands made embroidery too   difficult. Totally without formal education in art, she began creating panoramic images of everyday life on the farm that have achieved international fame


5. The subject of this passage is(A)   an example of one of the types of primitive art(B)   Grandma Moses’s life on the farm(C)   how primitive art differs from formal art

(D)   Grandma Moses’s primitive life-style

6.   Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage?(A)   Grandma Moses spent her life on a farm(B)   Art critics cannot come to any agreement on a definition of primitive art.(C)   Grandma Moses is one type of primitive artist because of her lack of formal training.

(D)   Many artists receive little professional training.

2 Responses to “reading for mbti and accounting”

  1. Ficky Zakiyatul Fikriyah said

    Sir, my name is Ficky Zakiyatul Fikriyah a student of accounting F (09), want to send an assignment of outlining from general english page 41-43.

    >page 41
    Philippines Sends Aid for Typhoon Damage
    The 1st paragraph
    The Philippine Air Force Ferried ravaged by Typhoon Agnes.
    The 2nd paragraph
    163 tons of food, medicine and clothing had been sent
    The 3rd paragraph
    Some areas of Panay island, appeared to have been hit the worst
    the 4th paragraph
    Report of Philippine National Red Cross

    >page 43
    Amtrak Derailment Near Secaucus Injures 35
    The 1st paragraph
    The accident of train which carrying 108 passenger and crew members
    The 2nd paragraph
    There is no was killed, but 35 persons were injured in this accident
    The 3rd paragraph
    senator Frank Lautenberg, went to the accident scene and talked to railroad official

    >Page 43
    Boston-Bound Train Derails, 34 Hurt
    The 1st paragraph
    Only 34 people were injured in the train accident
    The 2nd paragraph
    The accident stopped all train travel between New York and Newark
    The 3rd paragraph
    Most were treated and released from hospitals in the area.

    thank you very much, Sir…

  2. sir, i am from class 1f accounting im telkom.


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