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Soal-soal UTS-Oktober 2009

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 31, 2009



Mata Kuliah : English for Business Communication
Hari, tanggal : Rabu, 2009
Waktu : 100 menit
Dosen : tim dosen
Sifat ujian : Closed book

Kerjakan semua soal yang tersedia.
2. Tiap soal memiliki bobot yang tertulis di dalam kurung (….)
3. Tidak boleh bekerjasama dan melihat kamus (termasuk kamus elektronik), buku catatan, hand-out ataupun buku referensi.
4. TIDAK DIPERKENANKAN SALING MEMINJAM ALAT TULIS (termasuk tip-ex). Jika ada kesalahan dalam penulisan jawaban, jawaban yang salah CUKUP DICORET.
5. Apabila saudara bekerja sama, mencontek atau memberi contekan, nilai UTS saudara = 0.

NAMA : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NILAI:
NIM : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
NO ABSEN : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
TANDA TANGAN : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I. Match the unfinished statements in the right column with the statement in the left column by writing the letter in the brackets (10 points).

1 Please do not hesitate ……. .………… ( ) A business with your company.
2 I am happy to enclose a copy …………. ( ) B copies of our latest brochures
3 I recommend her since she proved herself to be ……………… ( ) C as the new edition is available
4 Thank you for your interest ……………( ) D keen and hardworking
5 I am Looking forward ……………….. ( ) E in our new product
6 Please find enclosed ……………………( ) F of our guide for applications
7 I shall send you a copy as soon …………( ) G Please let us know
8 We would be very pleased to do ……… ( ) H At (022) 780 290 370
9 If you require more information ,… …….( ) I to hearing from you
10 If you require additional information, please call our secretary ………………………( ) J to contact us again

II. Put these sentences into a correct order! Then fill in the blank with the correct answer from the word lists below (20 points):

Assure hard-working Hesitate Pleasure Recommend
Information hire satisfied Taught

• ( ) Sender’s address a. Mrs. Westerly __________ at Grant Wood High School from 1978 to 1986, during which time I was principal. Her primary teaching responsibilities were physics, chemistry and ninth-grade general science. She was one of the best teachers we have ever had in the area of science, and we were deeply saddened when she and her family moved to Augusta, Maine. I can_________ you that if I had a teaching position open in science, I would _________ her. She is creative, deeply conscientious, professional and _________________.

• ( ) Date b.Tom Maxwel
• ( ) Recipient’s address c. sincerely
• ( ) Salutation d. It is with great ___________ that I recommend Mary Alice Westerly for the physics ____________ at Thomas Jefferson.

• ( ) Subject e. Tom Maxwell

• ( ) First paragraph f. Linda A. Hagerman, Principal
Thomas Jefferson High School
788 Muscatine Ave.
Iowa City, IA 52240

• ( ) Second paragraph g. Melrose Street no. 141
Los Angeles, LA 1234

• ( ) Closing h. January 16, 2009

• ( ) Signature i. Recommendation for Teacher Position
• ( ) Name, title j. I strongly _____________ her and am sure you will be more than ___________ with her performance in the classroom. If you need more _______________ about her, please do not ______________ to contact me at (0211) 435 666 304.

III. Make a complete script of telephone conversation based on the following information (20 points).

1. Joana : “ J&J Supply. This is Joana speaking……………..……………….?
Grace : “ Good morning, ………….……………..……… Mr. Takeshi Natamura, please?
Joana : “ I’m sorry but …………………………Do you ……………….………………?
Grace : “ Sure. Could you tell him that Grace Silverstone from Reality company called him to remind him about the meeting tomorrow at Green Hill hotel?
Joana : “ …………………………………………………………………………..?”
Grace : “ Yes, that’s S-I-L-V-E-R-S-T-O-N-E-S.
Joana : “ And you want to remind him about the meeting tomorrow at Green Hill Hotel?”
Grace : “ ……………………………………………..”
Joana : “ Ok. Does ……………………………………………………………?”
Grace : ‘ Yes, he has already known the address. But, it is better for you to write down the hotel’s address. It’s on Angelica Avenue No.59.
Joana : “ Ok, Angelica Avenue no.59. Is there …………………………………..….?
Grace : “ I don’t think so; I think that’s enough.”
Joana : “ OK. I’ll give him your message.”
Grace : “…………………………..……………………..”
Joana : “ You are welcome . Thanks for calling; have a nice day, bye bye”
Grace : “ ………………………….”

IV. Read the information below carefully,

J&J PACKAGING Co is a large multinational company. It is a Swedish company, based in Almhult, in the South Sweden. The C.E.O of the group is Jim Morrison, and his Secretary is Natalie Imbruglia. As the C.E.O, Jim Morrison has five persons below him. They are : Joey Tempest as the Finance Manager, Mark Anthony as the Production Manager, Axl Rose as the Sales and Marketing Manager, Tina Arena as Human Resources Manager and Gwenn Stephanie as the R&D Manager. As the Production manager, Mark Anthony has two persons who work under his responsibilities. Those are Kurt Cobain who is in charge of purchasing, so his position is the Purchasing Manager, and Ronan Keating as the Quality Assurance Manager. Below Axl Rose as the Sales and marketing Manager, there are three people who are in charge of Sales and marketing : Freddy Mercury as the Home Sales Manager, Bryan May as the Export Sales Manager, and Paul McCartney as the Sales Administration Manager.

Based on the Information above, Draw and organization Chart By writing the THE NAME OF EACH PERSON AND HIS/HER POSITION in the boxes . Don’t forget to DRAW THE LINE based on the information given. (20 Points)


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Posted by dadangiskandar on October 9, 2009


The topic sentence may be the first or last sentence in a paragraph. The topic may also be the first and last sentence on the paragraph – “sandwich style.” A “sandwich style” paragraph is especially helpful to you reader if the paragraph is very long. The second topic sentence in the “sandwich style” paragraph also serves as a concluding sentence.
Study the following three paragraphs. Notice the different position for the topic sentence in each. The topic sentences are underlined.

Model 2 : position of topic sentences

Hurricanes, which are also called cyclones, exert tremendous power. These violent storms are often a hundred miles in diameter, and their winds can reach velocities* of seventy-five miles per hour or more. Furthermore, the strong winds and heavy rainfall that accompany them can completely destroy a small town in a couple of hours. The energy that is released by a hurricane in one day exceeds the total energy consumed by human kind throughout the world in one year.
Famous Schooll “Failures”
Albert Einstein, one of the world’s geniuses, failed his university entrance examination on his first attempt. William Faulkner, one of America note writers, never finished college because he could not pass his English courses. Sir William Churchill, who is considered one of the masters of English language, had to have special tutoring in English during elementary school. These examples show that failure in school does not always predict failure in life.
Synonym words, that have the same basic meaning, do not always have the same emotional meaning. For example the words “stingy” and “frugal” both mean” careful with money. “however, to call a person stingy is an insult, while the word frugal has a much more positive connotation*. Similarly, a person wants to be slender but not skinny, and aggressive, but not pushy. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing words because many so-called synonyms are not really synonymous at all.

II. Recognizing the Topic Sentence______________________________________

Remember, the topic sentence indicates the main idea of a paragraph and is the most general statement in the paragraph.
STEP 1 Decide which of the following sentences in the topic sentence of the paragraph.
STEP 2 Write TS on the line next to that sentence.
STEP 3 Decide what order the supporting sentences should be in and number them 1,2,3 and 4.

Paragraph I
_________a. Next, add anti freeze to your windshield washer fluid; otherwise, the fluid will freeze and possibly break the container.
________ b. First, put on snow tires if you plan to dtive on snowy, icy roads very often.
_________c. Driving in winter, especially on snowy, icy roads, can be less trouble some if you take a few simple precautions*.
_________d. Finally, it is also a good idea to carry tire chains, a can of spray to unfreeze door locks and a windshield scraper in your car when driving in winter weather.
_________e. Second, check the amount of antifreeze in your radiator and add more if necessary.

Paragraph 2
_________a. Furthermore, researchers are continuing to work on the development of an efficient, electrically powered automobile.
________ b. Researchers in the automobile industry are experimenting with different types of engines and fuels as alternative to the conventional gasoline engines.
_________c. One new type of engine, which burns diesel oil instead of gasoline, has been available for several years.
_________d. Finally, several automobile manufactures are experimenting with methanol, which is a mixture of gasoline and methyl alcohol, as an automobile fuel.
_________e. A second type is the gas turbine engine, which can use fuels made from gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, other petroleum distillates*, or methanol.

Paragraph 3
_________a. Later on, people began to write on pieces of leather, which were rolled into scrolls.
________ b. In the earliest times, people carved or painted messages on rocks.
_________c. In the middle Ages, heavy paper called parchment was used for writing; books were laboratoriously copied by hand.
_________d. With the invention of the printing press in the middle of the fifteenth century, the modern printing industry was born.
_________e. Some form of written communication has been used throughout the centuries.

Paragraph 4
_________a. If there had been a big storm on the day of a baby’s birth, the baby might have been named thunder cloud.
________ b. American Indian names are very descriptive, for Indian were usually named for physical attribute, for an occurrence in nature, or for animal.
_________c. Grey Eagle, red dog, Big bear, and spotted wolf are example of Indians named after animals.
_________d. Indians with distinctive physical characteristics might be given such names as big foot or crooked leg.

Paragraph 5
_________a. For one thing, Individual I.Q. scores vary considerably.
________ b. Many experts also question whether I.Q. scores are related to intelligence.
_________c. Furthermore, most psychologists agree that intelligence test are biased* in favor of middle-class children.
_________d. The validity* of standardized intelligence test is being seriously questioned by educators and physiologists.
_________e. In fact, motivation seems to be just as important as intelligence in determining a person’s ability to learn.

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More about Mexico City

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 7, 2009

Mexico City is growing quickly. In 1970, the city had about 9 million people. Now it has over 17 million. All of these people are causing problems for the city. There are not enough jobs. Also, there is not enough housing. Large families have to live together in small homes. Many homes do not have water. They also do not have bathrooms or electricity. The Mexican government is worried about all these problems. It is working hard to make life better in the city.
a. Mexican government ………………………..
b. Large cities ………………………………….
c. Mexico City’s problems …………………….

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Sentence elements

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 7, 2009

There are five elements of a sentence; (1) subject; (2) Verb; (3) object; (4) complement; (5) adverbials.
Subjects have 5 types; (1) noun, such as a door, a table, water, etc.; (2) verb; you could have transitive verbs and intransitive verbs; you also have regular verbs and irregular verbs. (3) object; could be direct and indirect objects; (4) complement, could be object and subject complement; the last one is (5) adverbials, at least you should understand about adverbials of time, of place, and manner.

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The Role of Finance

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 7, 2009

Quiz for Adni A and B; AKUN SUCI
1. Read the text! And answer the questions!
2. ADNI B, if you understand parts of speech, please identify the sentence elements of paragraph 1 and two, and for ADNI A, paragraph three and four.
3. Look at page 69, send it by email or put in your blog, or write in this comment.
4. Answer all paragraph question from page 72-81

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assignment for DKV

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 7, 2009

assignment for DKV, please answer it on comment for Letter1 – 3, and assignment for business letter.
Your score will be 10 – 25 collected before final test.

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paragraphing for IM Telkom students

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 5, 2009

A paragraph is a basic unit of organization in writing in which a group of related sentences develops one main idea. A paragraph can be as short as one sentence or as long as ten sentences. The number of sentences is unimportant; however, the paragraph should be long enough to develop the main idea clearly.

Gold, a precious metal, is prized for two important characteristics. First of all, gold has a lustrous beauty that is resistant to corrosion*. Therefore, it is suitable for jewelry, coins and ornament purposes. Gold never needs to be polished and will remain beautiful forever. For example, a Macedonian* coin remains as untarnished* today as the day it was minted twenty-three centuries ago. Another important characteristic of gold is usefulness to industry and science. For many years, it has been used in hundred of industrial application. The most recent use of gold is in astronauts’ suits. A astronauts wear gold-plated heat shields for protection outside the space ship. In conclusion, gold is treasured not only for its beauty, but also for its utility.

   A paragraph has three major structural parts: topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

The topic sentence state the main idea of the paragraph. It is not only names the topic of the paragraph, but it also limits the topic to one or two areas that can be discussed completely in the space of a single paragraph. 

Supporting sentences develop the topic sentence. That is, they explain the topic sentence by giving reason, example, facts, statistic, and quotations.

The concluding sentences signals the end of the paragraph and leaves the reader with important points to remember.


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assignment for MBTI 2009 class E

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 5, 2009

Please organize the letters – 1 Enquiries (page 31) for Attendace No.1 to 18; Answering enquiries (page 32) for 19 – 37; and the rest (page 31) from no. 38 until the last; individual task pade 32

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Posted by dadangiskandar on October 4, 2009

Sepintas Gempa Bumi:
Terjadinya gempa bumi merupakan kehendak Alam.
Alam Semesta memiliki penguasa dan selalu taat kepadaNya.
Alam Semesta bukan untuk diruksak, namun untuk dipuji karena keagungan PenciptaNya.
Konon Alam Semesta disebut Alam Kabir. Manusia bagian darinya.
Dari alam semesta dan penciptaNya.
Konon Manusia disebut Alam Sagir, model alam semesta yang ada di dirinya.
Gempa Bumi tragedi alam, diluar diri manusia namun berdampak kepada dirinya.
Tuhan menciptakan Alam Semesta dan Isinya supaya dapat mengabdi kepadaNya. Sudahkah kita mengabdi kepadaNya? Mengabdi untuk berbuat baik bagi dirinya, mahluk lain, alam semesta demi kebaikan manusia itu sendiri. Semua diatur dalam suatu rumus yang sangat jelas. Dapatkah kita merumuskan kejelasan hidup sebagai penghuni alam semesta ini. Adakah hukum alam, hukum pidana, perdata, hukum waris, hukum nikah ditempatkan pada tempat yang semestinya?. Sudahkah ditegakkan dengan adil dan arif semua hukum yang berkaitan dengan diri manusia itu sendiri, juga dengan alam sebagai tempat kita bernaung? Bila belum, maka saatnya kita untuk mempertegas keadilan dan kearifan dengan niat mengabdi kepadaNYa.
Jangan lagi ada dusta untuk diri kita sendiri dan sesama! Hanya supremasi hukum yang adil dan arif yang dapat memperbaiki segalanya. Amiiiien.

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assignment for outlining

Posted by dadangiskandar on October 2, 2009

Students of Accounting at IM Telkom have to write an outline from book page 41 – 43.
Sebagai contoh:

• P1: The Philippine Air Force ferried medical teams and relief supplies today to provinces ravaged by Typhoon Agnes. The authorities said 515 people had died in the typhoon and more than 400 were missing.
‘Typhoon Agnes’ resulting in about 515 dead and 400 missing

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