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Dadangiskandar.wordpress is a blog to express about SKA, Skill-Knowledge-Attitude, plus Awareness. Iskandar comes from Alexander, dadang from sundanese name as a nick name for Sundanese boys.

Dadang Iskandar is an English lecturer at Institute of Management Telkom (IMT), so some of the articles will be about English subject matter for IMT students.

He also studied at Magister Management, so some of articles will deal with managerial issues.

Beyond daily activities, he has also learned that human being would go to another village in the world-here-after, so he would translate and internalize this life into eternal matters.

Eternal Happiness could be reached by every single individual in the world by accomplishing your positive tasks and spread your sincere love to God’s creatures in this world. No one loves you except yourself but you are obliged to love others from your bottom of the hears to get happiness.

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    14 Yonkers Stores Damaged by Fire
    Four-alarm fire damaged 14 stores today in the Cross Country Shopping Center, the largest shopping center in Westchester Country. Fire investigators said the blaze apparently started in a pile of a cardboard cartons at the rear of a shoe store and spread through a utilities duct above the 13 other stores. John Carey of the Yonkers Arson Squad said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

    Philippines Sends Aid for Typhoon Damage
    The authorities said 515 people had died in the typhoon and more than 400 were missing. Most of the fatalities and missing were on the island, where 445.000 people were homeless. The Philippine National Red Cross reported that 90 percent of the 86,000 houses in Capiz Province on Panay were destroyed.

    Amtrak Derailment Near Secaucus Injures 35
    Amtrak fast-mall train carrying 108 passengers and crew members derailed as it was nearing New York at 6:33 A.M on Saturday. Amtrak announced that no one was killed. But 35 persons were injured, including two who were injured seriously. Senator Frank Lautenberg, a member of the Transportation Appropriations subcommittee in the Senate, went to the accident scene and talked to railroad officials. He was informed that a boat had passed through the bridge just two hours earlier.

    Boston Bound Train Derails, 34 Hurts
    An Amtrak in headed for Boston derailed just started of New York City yesterday,coming into a muddy marsh and injured 34 people, none of them seriously. The accident stopped all train travel between New York and Newark. The tracks to and from New York to Boston, however, were still open and in use. According to Amtrak officials, 15 crew members and 17 passengers suffered only minor injures, Two crew members, however, stayed in the hospital overnight.

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